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Being Intentional

It's been about four weeks since my last blog post. I have been any or all of the following for the past month:

  1. Sick

  2. Occupied With Moving

  3. Getting Settled Into My Job

  4. Setting Up My Home

Don't get me wrong, I've had a great start to life out here on the West Coast. (Unfortunately, it will be only temporary, but I'll explain why in a future blog post.) But with any life transition, there's always going to be growing pains.

Those pains have affected my posting schedule. I'm going to admit I was 100% too early in declaring that I was ready to post everyday. I should have taken time to rest and recuperate from grad school before making any kind of announcement like that.

I was burnout and should focused on getting my sleep schedule right.

But that's in the past. I briefly wanted to discuss this Facebook post I made a couple of days ago:

I've been thinking a lot about how to best spend my time given the new phase in life that I've entered.

Here's where I want to put it into:

  1. Exercise - I want to make intense daily exercise a part of my life again like it was when I was younger in middle and high school. I miss being fit, and more importantly, I need a stress reliever. Playing sports always did the trick, so weightlifting, cardio, and calisthenics will be my bedrock for fitness from now on.

  2. Writing & Filming - I'm passionate about writing. I am interested in filming my life and my observations too. More importantly, I want to be a great storyteller. Focusing on these two things will allow me to become the storyteller I've always wanted to be.

  3. Religion - There's not much to say here (and to be real, I'm generally not comfortable talking about my religious beliefs publicly), but I want to delve deeper into my faith. It's important to be grounded in not only mind and body, but spirit as well.

All these things are dependent on me alone and how I spend my time. That's the beauty of the things I've decided to help improve my life.

More to come tomorrow!


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