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Day 0: One Day At A Time

It's been a while. I disappeared out of the blue.

The last three to four months have been really interesting for me. I've learned a lot about myself and where I'm headed.

All of these lessons have led me to sit down and reflect on where my life is at right now.

I want to blog and vlog daily again, but I'm not ready. When I look back on my past posts, they showed me making some progress, but mostly stuck in place. I don't want to start creating content again about my personal life if there's nothing new to share.

I want to capture my progress moving forward, one step at a time, not just blogging and vlogging daily for its own sake.

At the moment, I'm focused on one thing: my health. When I'm fully healthy again, I'll be back.

Until then, one day at a time.


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