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Day 1: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

(Resetting the streak back to zero.)

I missed blogging and vlogging yesterday. Again. For the nth time.

I can only be frustrated and upset with myself. I don't need to get into details of what went wrong. I keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

There was roughly a week and a half where I had the right habits. I was starting my day off strong by waking up early, stretching and praying, and finishing it strong by going to bed early too.

Then I stopped. I know why and in hindsight, I made a clear mistake then that I've refused to learn from until now.

I'm at a pivotal point in life. Either I can use the abundance of time I have positively and move forward, or I can continue to stay stuck and floundering in place.

I'm honestly embarrassed by all the time I've wasted, but I can't keep living with regret.

I can only be honest with myself, and more importantly, change my habits to move forward.


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