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Day 105: Walking After Work

I should go for a walk every day after work.

That's something I should have been doing since I started working from home during the pandemic. I did this a few times when I was still living in California and a couple of times since I've returned back home to Alabama.

I went for a walk yesterday, and it was great. I was suffering from a headache (due to an unfortunate lack of sleep, surprise!), and walking outside got my body moving again.

The headache disappears a little over midway throughout the whole walk.

When I think about it, before college, I never had any sleep issues (although, I was known for falling asleep in class a lot!). I was playing two sports (soccer in the fall, track and field in the spring), so I was so tired from practice that I wouldn't have any energy other than eating dinner, getting homework done, maybe play some video games, and go to bed.

I haven't played sports since high school. It was a huge part of my life (that for reasons I won't get into, I had to stop) that helped me manage stress and my emotions. If I ever entered practice in a bad mood, I was always smiles by the time I finished.

I feel like writing has been that outlet for me in terms of keeping me mentally even-keeled over the years, but I quite never found that replacement for sports. I've tried working out in the gym consistently (and will try again once the pandemic is over), but haven't quite managed to stick it yet.

I guess for right now, daily walks will have to do!

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