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Day 110: F2F Has Made Me Grow Up

Originally, I was going to create a post about the Walter Lippmann-John Dewey debate and how it's shaped my view on America's handling of COVID. It was to be a tame post (from my perspective), nothing too controversial when advice from a friend popped up in my head:

"Don't rock the boat."

What did he mean by not "rocking the boat"? The idea here is that while I myself may not view my thoughts as controversial (or even novel for that matter), someone else will.

And I never know who reads my blogs or my other content across the internet. (My work is getting slightly more "high-profile attention," so it's just better to keep my provocative thoughts to myself.)

I'll save sharing my thoughts with you all on that topic for another day (maybe).

On F2F:

Working on the newsletter has been great for a variety of reasons, but really from a maturity perspective. F2F has forced me to develop initiative and discipline. The greatest benefit is really the self-direction in building the newsletter. The fact that it's on me if something doesn't get published and released on time is a huge responsibility, but great motivator.

Of course, the external reward is getting more money as I grow the newsletter, but I'm proudest of the fact that F2F is my own thing that I created, and that I get to develop it in the direction that I choose.

F2F gives me a greater sense of self, a greater appreciation of being autonomous and self-directed in my creation of this hobby (*wink wink*) of me. I'm probably not explaining this right, but I just feel as if by building the newsletter, I am activately shaping who I want to become, instead of passively moving through life on a more "traditional path."

I'll have to revisit this topic later, because I think it's important, but I'm glad I'm mentioning it now.

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