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Day 12: Returning To California

(Was planning to make this post longer but

I've been loving living at home since I left California in May (and moved out in July).

Do I miss California? Yes, I definitely took it for granted.

But I'm not in any rush to move back home anytime soon.

Two reasons:

  • I'm saving a ton of money not having to pay rent. (Yes, I do help out with bills and such! No free rides around here!)

  • I get to spend time with my family, especially my parents. They won't be around forever.

Those two reasons outweigh returning to California anytime soon. I'm fortunate that I'm still employed and that I have a great job right now.

I don't think I could have better conditions to quietly build my newsletter. The plan is that I will be living at home and working remotely at my FT job until either the newsletter takes off (that is, makes enough money to replace what I earn at my full-time job) or until I matriculate into Harvard Business School (HBS). For the latter scenario, I have a little less than 2.5 years to go.

2.5 years is a long-time to be living at home, especially when you're gainfully employed and educated. But it's the best setup for me to build the newsletter and become fully independent. (I'll expand on my conception of independence in a future blog post.)

It's going to be tempting watching my peers return to their normal lives once the COVID vaccine distribution reaches mass adoption, but I will stick to my guns.

It will payoff in the end.

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