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Day 131: Why Did It Take Me So Long To Decide?

Decision paralysis.

Similar to procrastination, the end result you stay in place. You don't advance, you don't even decide to advance.

I think that's how I've been for the past couple of months since my successful rotations in software. I'm good/interested in a number of things: coding (the most recent discovery), writing, and venture capital.

My biggest focus has been deciding between tech and VC. How do I choose? Which one will benefit me most in the long term?

Most importantly - what's best for me as a person?

It's easy to get caught up in collecting a great number of options to select from, and it's hard to decide which one of those options to pursue in the end.

I'm choosing learning how to code, or tech in general, because I think having the ability to code is such a useful skill. Combined with writing and being able to fund startups as a scout is a powerful, unstoppable combo.

I believe it's the right long-term decision for me as a professional and as a person. I really enjoy learning how to code beyond the financial benefits it can bring (and how frustrating it is sometimes to get your program to work!). I'd like to continue exploring my curiosity in tech, while developing my dreams as a content creator through writing.

I hope I can make it all work. I know I can.

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