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Day 138: Actually Saying "No."

And just like that, I had another founder reach out to me (that I previously wrote on) saying their team needs a story. (They just got acquired!)

Unfortunately, I had to turn them down. I have to say "no." Protecting my time to work on Founder to Founder is necessary for it to grow.

From here on out, I'm saying no to new stories from both cold emails and founders I already know until July. I need to spend this time working on F2F first, and improving my coding skills second.

I have to be disciplined going forward. I cannot afford to keep going back on my word.

I'm going to try and get some emails sent out to founders I've covered on F2F, as well as sending out a major update to my paid subscribers on F2F.

All the conversations I've had regarding venture and content creation show me the path I need to take. No more unnecessary late nights writing for Forbes anymore.

I'm ready to enter a new season of life.

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