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Day 16: Undergoing A Summer Rebuild

Similar to Chelsea needing massive updates to its first-team roster, I need to make (not as massive) changes to my life.

Chelsea is undergoing a summer rebuild to win the Premier League and the Champions League next season.

While the stakes are nowhere near as high for me but need to undergo a "summer rebuild" of my own if I want to accomplish my goals.

The last five months have been super weird. I never thought I would be in the situation I'm in now. I am very fortunate that things have worked out for the most part, but deep down, I didn't make the most of my unexpected opportunity to get the newsletter off the ground.

Simply put, I wasn't in the right mindset. A large part of that is due to the bad event that happened to me at the beginning of the year. But it's been five months. I can't make any more excuses.

So I'm adjusting my goals for F2F and operating at a longer time horizon. I'm clearly not ready to work on the newsletter full-time.


But I will say I'm proud of myself for setting up and getting the content done for this summer. I know the pace I need to be at for F2F and I'm going to work hard every single day to push myself faster and faster.

Welcome to the "summer rebuild."


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