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Day 177: Crunching The Cold, Hard Numbers

I want to work on F2F full-time.

But the numbers for the newsletter are not there yet. Specifically, the growth rate and the number of paid subscribers are still way too low for me to do F2F full-time.

And I should be 100% honest with myself - I haven't done enough every day to improve those numbers. Even if I had the money to quit my job for two years - would I realistically spend the majority of my waking hours working on F2F if I had the possibility?

Based on how I've focused and spent my time while living at home, the answer is no.

I can't lie, deceiving myself will do no good. As much as I want to as I said above, I am not even going 150% with the limited time I do have outside of my full-time job.

To tell you the truth, while I've made some progress, I can see why others (early backers of the newsletter) have given up on me earlier. I didn't get the results soon enough for their timeline, and I come off as distracted on social media.

I have this summer to turn it around. The truth is if I don't get the numbers for F2F where they need to be, then my best case option is to seek a higher paying job to keep me on track for paying for HBS, considering that I'll be paying rent again while working on F2F on the side.

I would much rather work on F2F full-time. There is so much promise behind the newsletter.

My number one goal is to get this newsletter off the ground; no other work I do whether for my full-time job or Forbes comes close.


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