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Day 182: I Feel Like Giving Up

Today hasn't been that great.

It's weird because nothing bad has happened to me. I'm just feeling down today about myself and the newsletter.

I don't really have the energy to work on the newsletter. I don't really have any energy to do much today, to be honest with you.

I could chalk it up to an off day, but the truth is I'm feeling pressure/anxiety about moving back to California.

As much as I am excited to be back on the West Coast, I'm not ready. There's a couple of factors at play, both internal and external but putting the details aside, I'm just not confident in going back right now.

Deep down, I feel like F2F should be in a much stronger spot, but I've wasted valuable time in developing the newsletter further than where it is now.

I'm afraid I'll waste the summer in the same fashion.

I'm going to be careful about sharing my emotional state going forward on here.

But I just wanted to be honest.

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