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Day 199: San Diego Vibes

I'm finally situated in San Diego. It's really nice out here. Later today, my family will be attending my cousin's graduation. I'm excited to see him and my aunt.

During this time in San Diego, I want to spend time catching up on F2F emails and start pushing towards reaching out to potential early-stage employees who would find F2F useful in finding their next job.

I still plan to take it easy overall while in San Diego, but I want to get myself set up to grind on the newsletter by the time I get home.

More and more I feel like F2F is the path for me, but I'll be honest with myself, my work ethic has been lacking. I've spoken about this in the past, but I have to be more aggressive in working on the newsletter every day before I work on VC and tech pursuits.

I'll speak more on how I plan to prioritize my time spent on professional endeavors going forward tomorrow, but for now, I need to finish catching up on F2F emails.

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