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Day 2: My Greatest Hope

When I thought about writing today's blog post, originally, I was going to title it "My Greatest Fear."

But that's a negative framing. I've already talked about being motivated by fear rather than self-belief, and the difference between the two.

I want to instead start from a positive foundation: hope.

I hope that by the time I attend Harvard Business School, I'll be in a much better position professionally.

But what I hope even more is that I become a better person. I'm not worried about my career or being a professional, I'm focused on becoming more of who I am already.

I am fortunate that I have the time and the resources to spend on being a better person. I've already accomplished a lot professionally, it's okay if I take my foot off the gas pedal for a little bit.

My hope is that pursuing Founder to Founder will help me grow in a way that I otherwise couldn't have in with a full-time job.

I see the immense potential within myself and I want to realize it while I still have the chance.

So I'm starting small, I'm taking today to organize myself. I'm focusing on getting the little things right before I go after bigger items on my to-do list in the coming days, weeks, and months.

I believe in myself. I have hope.


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