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Day 201: Synthesizing F2F On A Personal Level

Over the past couple of months, I've been trying to put together what F2F means for me in a professional sense, but not so much personally.

I recently had a (somewhat silly) thought about if everything turned out how I envision it in the ideal sense, I would call these next two years the "Solo Yolo" years.

Why "Solo Yolo" as a name? One, I'm immature since it's a silly name. Two, it's pretty straightforward - I'll be doing my own thing and taking more risks than I normally would.

Three, on a more serious note, it's more about realizing my own idea of what it means to be an independent, autonomous human being.

What does independence mean to me? Independence is less about "doing whatever the fuck you want, when you want" and more "living life created out of your choices rather than them being imposed on you."

What does autonomy mean to me? Autonomy is about being self-directed in your pursuits.

I'll expand on this more tomorrow, but F2F is my way of becoming a more independent, autonomous human being.

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