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Day 204: Where Do I Go From Here?

Barring the crazy traveling issues I faced yesterday, it feels good to be home. I really enjoyed my time out in California. I loved being back on the West Coast, and I'm excited to be back there in the near future (if all goes as planned).

But I'm still not ready to live on my own yet.

I still have (slightly) over two weeks of vacation. I'm taking that time to get myself in order both personally and professionally.

I don't want to rehash everything I've said in the past on this topic; I know exactly what I need to work on and get right before I leave.

I'm using my vacation to do that.

Last little note here: sometimes I forget that people (especially important people) may subscribe to my blog. For people who don't know me, I may come off as a loser, a nobody, or someone who doesn't have his life together with these blog posts.

If that's how people and the greater American society think of me, I don't care. The truth is that I'm never going to fit people's standard or narrative of what they think I should be. It might just be that I'll always be a loser in their eyes.

In reality, I have a small group of family and friends who love me for who I am.

Turns out, that's all you need to be successful in life.

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