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Day 205: Catching Up On F2F (+ Other Things)

Things I'm trying to get done before the weekend:

  • Start drafting up four Forbes Q&A articles

  • Catch up on all F2F emails

  • Begin drafting two full profile Forbes stories

  • Do one LeetCode problem

  • Build an investment thesis template outline

  • Start creating F2F Startup Spotlight and Case Studies again

I got a big laundry list of things to do! Also, trying to get back into going to the gym today.

My head is killing me, however. I really can't focus right now. Probably going to take a nap then tackle all of this afterward.

Update: did not take a nap, current finished bullet point one, working on two. Lol!

One thing I want to talk about tomorrow is how my time being split among so many things is killing my progress in all of them.

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