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Day 206: I Had Zero Energy Today

I was trying to get caught up on a bunch of emails for F2F, but I was feeling tired in the late evening.

I had no idea what made me so drowsy. After dinner, I took an unexpected nap and crashed. After I woke up, I really couldn't get anything done.

I really want to wrap up these final Forbes stories. I have six Q&As drafted, waiting on three more responses, and slowly working on a fully drafted full profile. Then I have the remaining four full profiles that I haven't started on yet.

Ideally, I just want to get them all done this weekend, and then slowly edit the full profiles for the upcoming months till it comes to publishing.

I reached my limit - I cannot keep juggling a day job, Forbes, and F2F. Forbes has to go at this point - I wish I realized that sooner.


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