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Day 21: Keeping Things Close To My Chest

So you know how I said that I would talk about my new job today?

I decided against that. I want to keep the opportunity close to my chest, for now.

I'm feeling great about where I am in life. Like I'm really, really chill at the moment.

Surprisingly, I'm just content, not even excited to move to SoCal again. It's like I know exactly what I need to do these next two years to set me up extremely well for the next...ten.

Switching topics here, I want to briefly discuss F2F and Forbes. With F2F, I've caught up on all related emails. I'm getting the content publishing back on track (it may take a couple more days to be fully up to speed).

I'm never falling behind on emails again!

With Forbes, things are wrapping up nicely. This new job is requiring me to enter a new stage as a writer, specifically the type of person I pick as the subject for my articles. I can't go into too much detail yet, but this phase of endlessly grinding out content is over.

More to come tomorrow...


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