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Day 213: Maybe I'm Not Quitting After All

This is going to look like I'm backtracking on quitting Forbes - and you're totally right.

But what happened in the past 24 hours is truly a game-changer.

I managed to land and record two major interviews with massive YouTubers currently involved in the boxing space.

If all goes as planned, these two articles could change the game for me financially with Forbes.

Honestly, maybe it's too early to speak on this. Maybe I'm getting my hopes up (I always do). But I have to try. I really do.

If this doesn't work and these stories don't take me to that next level, I'll have absolutely zero regrets regarding Forbes. I'll ride out into the sunset a winner.

But I can't just keep my mind stuck on the future. Returning to the present, I've goofed off today, but I dropped another Forbes story earlier this morning, and my plan is to work on the rest for the month of July only and not touch Forbes (unless I'm hitting publish) for the rest of my vacation.

I got to chill out and calm down and enjoy myself, cause I'm working too damn hard over here.

What can I say - Rome wasn't built in a day. My dreams won't be either.

Aside from writing, my body, specifically my lower back is feeling better. I'm going to take an extra day or two to recover because I'm prone to reoccurring lower back injuries.

Hope to get back into the gym Sunday.

Other than that...I'm in a weird position in life right now. I am at a unique intersection of being a content creator and an engineer.

I know I can make this work on my terms. More tomorrow.

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