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Day 24: F2F Is The Crown Jewel

I'm starting to get more clarity in terms of what F2F should develop into going forward.

The Case Studies should do a better job of revealing the mission, values, and culture of a startup.

A Case Study is good if participants will actively share it as a part of their recruiting materials.

I have more to say later, but these are just some preliminary thoughts. (I know I've been kind of off and on with F2F. I'm working on getting back on track.)

Switching topics here:

  • AwAC: One thing I want to be clear with Americanism with African Characteristics is that it is NOT about endlessly critiquing America and its failures. That doesn't do anyone any good, as a project grounded in only negative critique can not alter the status quo for the better. There are a number of good things about America. The task at hand is to sort through all the not-so-good things about our country to find the great things, and work to incorporate them as the foundation of my personal character.

  • Forbes: The stories are starting to pile up again. Part of it is companies from the past finally getting around to asking me for a story. Ialready agreed to prior. The remainder is me unnecessarily going out of my way to ask if a founder needs a story. I should not be doing the latter. If I am in a position where I need to keep my word that I will write on a company, that is fine. But for everyone else, the answer is no. No more stories this year. The 200-Forbes-story milestone can wait. With my new job, I have to evolve how I leverage Forbes to achieve my ends.


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