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Day 24: The Ultimatum

(catch up blog)

I spent the last two days binge-watching this new Netflix reality drama called The Ultimatum.

I hate & loved the show.

Here's what it's about: there are six couples who have all been in long-term relationships, but one of the partners in each relationship is forcing the other to make a final decision on whether they want to get married or not.

On the show, they break up with their exes and date the five other partners from each couple for a week. Then, they spend three weeks in a "trial" marriage with their first choice from the dating week, then another three weeks with the original partner they came on the show with.

At the very end, the ultimatum is carried out - the couples either get married or not!

I'm going to keep my comments short and sweet here.

  • The Ultimatum trivializes the concept of marriage and the choice of choosing to get married.

  • The show actually (whether it intentionally does this or not) comes off as popularizing the concept of open relationships and marriages.

  • My hottest take here is that The Ultimatum reveals the stigma of being single through the fear-based decisions that virtually every partner was making throughout the series.

I have a lot more to share...but let me enjoy the day!


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