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Day 26: Keeping A Lid On Forbes (And Other Things)

Forbes is starting to get out of hand again.

It's very early on, but I'm starting to get early indications of founders who are in need of another story. Given that I agreed to help them in the past, I'm not bothered by this.

I worry about my habit to proactively source stories when I don't need to anymore.

Deep down, I care more about hitting my 200th story on Forbes milestone than developing F2F, if you take a look at where I'm spending my time. It's an honest statement stemming from a reflection of my priorities.

It should be the other way around. F2F should come first, not Forbes. I will reach 200 without needing to proactively reach out for stories because I get enough inbound for that anyway.

I need to keep a lid on Forbes. I'm going to use today to just quickly set and tie up the last outstanding pieces on have currently on the books.

One thing I need to continue to remind myself: quantity doesn't matter at this stage, it's now quality that does.

Putting Forbes aside briefly, I also want to say that I'm going to be keeping a lid on talking about America or "Americanism with African Characteristics" publicly on the blog.

Why? Two reasons:

  1. I'm not in a position of strength to be speaking so candidly on my thoughts about the country and where it's headed.

  2. More importantly, no one cares.

America is headed in what I believe to be a negative direction. No one really cares enough (that's in power) to change the trajectory for everyone's benefit. Despite that, there are good things about America (e.g. ideas, philosophy, culture, etc.) that I want to find and hold on to as things take a turn for the worse collectively.

If I have something to say about America, I am going to do the wise thing and keep it to myself.

Other than that...I have to prep another F2F Case Study to launch tomorrow. Also, my advisor got back to me about the research paper I've been procrastinating on for two years. His comments were good.

It's time to wrap up this previous chapter of my life (Boeing, MIT, and Forbes to a smaller extent) and set myself up for the next stint (investing and F2F).


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