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Day #34: Getting Back On Top Of Emails

As of late, I've fallen behind on emails related to Founder to Founder and Forbes writing.

I recognize that I'm trying to do a lot at once: building F2F, keeping myself on a pace to hit 100 stories on Forbes, staying on track with sleep.

Honestly, it would be better if I did one thing at a time.

Unfortunately, given the current economic state of the U.S., I don't have that luxury. I feel like now more than ever, I have to hustle for the next opportunity.

It's tough but necessary. There's too much uncertainty with how the federal government will continue to respond to the coronavirus. We still don't know how bad it will get.

I'm going to keep focusing on what's in my control and leave the rest up to God, honestly.

Hopefully, by the end of tomorrow, I'll be updated on my emails for Forbes, and work to accelerate getting the majority of the remaining Forbes stories written.

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