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Day 37: Changing My Mindset

It's another Monday. Dropped content across F2F, LinkedIn, and Forbes.

I'm glad I've gotten this publishing routine down smoothly.

My attention continues to be on F2F. My goals this summer are focused on the following:

  • Repeatable Sales

  • Redefined Marketing

  • Community Building

If I can knock out those things, I will be in good shape re: the newsletter.

On a personal basis, I'm working to pick up on some work for my research papers and focus on changing my mindset. Next Monday is the start of a new chapter in my life - one that I'm not entirely thrilled about but have come to accept all the same.

With content on F2F and LinkedIn good for the summer, on a personal level, I'm just going to focus on changing the way I view life for the better. I don't feel comfortable saying more on this, so I'll leave it at that.

Time to record this morning's vlog! Trying to make blogging and vlogging a morning habit as part of this mindset change.


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