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Day #38: Nearly Achieved My Weight Loss Goal

Weight today: 156.4 lbs.

1.4 pounds to go!!!!

I'm so close, it's incredible!

I'm really surprised at the fact that 95% of my weight loss is attributed to how I've been eating, instead of exercise.

When it comes to weight loss, here's a simple equation:

Weight = calories in - calories out. To decrease your weight, calories out > calories in. That means you're running a caloric deficit.

When it comes to what I've been eating (read: caloric intake), it's really focused on two parts.

Part one is eating less. By eating less, you gain the most control over your caloric intake by reducing it. Though, you should be careful. You need to eat enough for your body to have the nutrients it needs.

Part two is eating healthy. By eating healthy, the calories you do take in will be less. I mainly focused on eating high-protein meals with little fat in them. An example of such a meal would be chicken, rice and broccoli. In the morning, I would have two bananas and yogurt. I cut out oatmeal because I'm saving that for bulking again.

Exercise helps to increase caloric burn, and thus drive a caloric deficit. You naturally burn calories throughout the day, and exercise helps increase this, but surprisingly not by much.

Those are the lessons I have for today. I can't wait to write a post when I hit 155 lbs!


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