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Day 4: Slowing Down

It's funny - back in high school, I used to be a bi-athlete - soccer during the fall, and track & field during the spring.

In both sports, speed was a key (and the dominant factor in the latter) in performing well.

Speed has been an underlying theme in my life outside of sports too. Grasping new concepts quickly in class and cramming huge amounts of material during studying before an exam were constants in high school, college, and grad school.

But now, I'm at a point in my life where things have slowed down for me. I mean, I was still writing a bunch for Forbes and the newsletter, but the truth is, I don't really have much major stuff going on right now.

Life is slow. And I've been slow to realize it. It's tough I guess since I'm always used to moving at a fast pace, trying to accomplish a lot in as little time as possible, but maybe that's what's been holding me back.

I'm starting to realize (probably it's too late), that I needed to slow down. I'm heavily rate-limiting (if you study System Design you know what I mean) my output on Forbes.

I'm still keeping up with F2F, with respect to publishing, but I'm not going to scale it up anytime soon.

This is the hardest lesson for me to learn, but I just have to take life one day at a time right now. No rushing.

Just slow and steady while I fix myself.


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