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Day 43: Getting Back On Track With F2F

I spent a lot of time studying more Data Structures today. I'm certain that I've gone through all of the potential topics in that area. I slogged through learning about AVL and 2-3 Trees today.

Tomorrow, I'll be going through some Algorithm topics, with a particular focus on Recursion. Once that's done, I'll round out any gaps in my knowledge by going through the relevant Data Structures and Algorithms chapters in Cracking the Coding Interview.

From there, I'll just be grinding out Data Structures and Algorithms problems for the foreseeable future. I'll also need to learn Object-Oriented Design and System Design and Scaleability. (Fortunately, the six-month project I just completed at work was all Object-Oriented, so I won't be starting from scratch there!)

Putting the coding aside, I finally got caught up on my F2F emails in my inbox. I don't plan to ever get behind again. Tomorrow, I need to send out emails to founders I published on for the Startup Spotlights, and for future Startup Spotlights, Forbes articles, and Case Studies.

I'm juggling a lot, but I'm doing my best to make it all work. So far, so good!

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