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Day 45: Taking The Weekend Off From Coding

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I've been going pretty hard with learning how to code. I'm already noticing that I'm able to solve programming problems a lot quicker, and I know ways to optimize my code so it runs fasters.

I'm making solid progress, but I need to take the weekend off from coding to do two things:

  • Clean my house (and room and bathroom especially lol)

  • Catch up on Forbes & F2F Content

For the second bullet, I'm focused on sending out questions for Forbes articles and editing the latest Case Study. I also need to send post-publishing emails for my latest Startup Spotlight articles.

I should finish an overview of Object-Oriented Design today, and possibly system design as well. If not, I'll just push System Design to Monday most likely.

I'll take a brief look at investment theses this weekend as well when I have time.

Just need to keep up the pace!

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