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Day #48-60: Catching Up

Day #48:

I solved two LeetCode problems.

It was my first time on the platform. The first question was really hard. I had to try and figure out to check if two integers in a randomly-sized list added to a pre-determined target number.

I have been doing some professional coding at my job, but not anything specific like what LeetCode was asking me to do.

I had to look at the solution to figure it out. LeetCode is hard! I managed to solve a couple more problems but quickly hit a wall.

Learning how to code well is going to be hard.

Day #49-57:

Ok, so it's been a while since the last blog. Not too much has happened. A couple of notable accomplishments though:

  • I've drafted the majority of my stories for this month.

  • I've been coding every day for the past ~4-5 days on HackerRank (similar to LeetCode). I'm loving it.

  • I got 8 hours of sleep last night!

Building on that last bullet point, that's my only short term goal for now. Just get sleep. The quarantine helps me avoid outside distractions (but not inside ones like my Xbox or mindlessly browsing the web late at night).

Day #58-60: Where I've Been

I am getting back on track with the content creation. I am not giving up with blogging or vlogging.

The quarantine has really thrown me out of whack. I'm not used to staying inside all day for weeks on end.

But I'm learning to deal with it. I've been way more productive with Forbes writing (all stories are drafted, waiting for more information to put the finishing touches on them). Another $500 in the bank.

My writing is worth more than that. That's why I've been spending more time on Founder to Founder. I've made a huge leap in developing the quality of the Q&As by improving on the format. I'm hoping that tomorrow's article does well and people take the time to read and share it.

I'm back. I'm going to focus these daily posts on documentation my growth in coding and exercising (and other things I can think of later).

For now, I sleep! This week, starting tomorrow, the goal is to go to bed at 9 PM every night.

Let's do this!


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