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Day 48: F2F Is The Priority

I went to bed with the question on my mind:

What's the better way for paying for HBS and achieving my future goals: learning how to code so I could get a programming role within my current company or at a new firm, or doubling-down on F2F to grow it at scale?

The truth is, getting a job at a FAANG or equivalent tech company would be more than enough to help me pay for HBS outright.

But it wouldn't get me to achieve goals beyond that - like moving back to California. I love living at home, but I do want to live on my own again before I head back to school. I would also love the chance to get into more types of content creation, like creating YouTube videos for a living.

F2F is actually the better path to take. It's the road less traveled. I know that this may come across as flip-flopping or being indecisive, but I want to be honest.

There were a few moments where I thought I should quit F2F. But when I look back on the newsletter, the results speak for themselves. It's already profitable! It's my first business ever and I'm already making a profit. Sure, I'm not doing the best job of running it, but I already have something to show for it.

I've made mistakes with F2F, and I've come up short of my goals time and time again. But I won't quit. There's so much promise that lies within the newsletter that I want to realize.

It's going to take time. Fortunately, I have a guaranteed 5.5 months before my current remote work gig ends. I hope to get F2F off the ground by that point so that having a 9-5 job is an option, not a necessity.

I still will learn how to code, but at a more casual pace.

That's enough for now. I need to finish cleaning my room, then the whole house, then I'll be getting back on track with F2F (and Forbes stuff).

2021 is the year of F2F - what else can I say?

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