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Day 50: Setting Up The Pipelines For F2F

Great news - not only am I back on track with both Forbes and F2F, but I'm also actually ahead of the game on both!

With Forbes, I have enough content lined up to get me to March. With F2F, I'm rebuilding my backlog again, especially for the Case Studies.

I want to take advantage of the lead time I have set up in place. I've been working on F2F for a year to figure out what is working and what isn't working. I know how to better source feedback and improve the newsletter rapidly.

Breaking it down even further:

  • Case Study Content Pipeline - I've emptied my previous backlog from last year, as I was focused on my full-time job. Getting the Case Study backlog filled is my #1 priority, as I need to provide content to my subscribers. Fortunately, I have a number of Case Study questions being filled out by founders, but it won't mean anything until they are completed.

  • Case Study Feedback Pipeline - This is just as important as the first pipeline. I need to improve the quality of the newsletter as fast as I can. Fortunately, I figured out a repeatable strategy to get people to provide feedback. My goal is to scale this up to 25 people by the end of February (preferably sooner). I'm going to try and redesign the process from start to finish by the end of the workweek (latest weekend), then start outreach by Monday morning.

I'm so ready to do this. 2021 is F2F's year. I'm ready to take the next step and really be independent in life.

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