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Day 52: Some Thoughts On Potentially Moving Back To California

You know how I've been talking about when, and more importantly, how I want to return to California.

I haven't considered the scenario where that choice is made for me instead of by me.

The big unanswered question surrounding my return to California is how the spread of COVID and vaccination progress go.

If COVID is still rapidly spreading and vaccinations are still unavailable, then it's unlikely that I will be called back into the office by the end of my rotation.

If COVID cases are decreasing and the vaccination rate is increasing, then it's more likely that I'll be back working in an office.

There are a few more ways that this could play out, but you get the point. Removing the possibility of switching into a job that is guaranteed to be remote-based, returning to California is a decision that's driven by whether my company wants me in the office or allows me to continue working remotely.

The only sure way that I get to make the decision is if whether Founder to Founder becomes a success.

(Or, I opt to place on a team based in my home city after my rotation program ends, which is totally possible, but would require a short-commute once again.)

The way I would think about it is that I would rather stay at home and continue to be with my family and work on F2F on the side than having to return to California to pay rent + commute to my FT job when I can still do it remotely.

That's the professional side of things, which is somewhat complicated. Good thing I don't have to make a decision now.

On the personal side of the "return-to-California" equation, things are simpler but harder. I want to return back to California when I've gotten a good daily habit together. I really haven't done a great job of that since moving back home in May. I still go to bed pretty late and I'm not as consistent as I would like to be with my content creation overall (but getting better).

The second biggest reason for me moving home was so I could get my personal routine in order. So far, while I have made some progress, I'm not where I want to be. And if my company requires me back in the office, I don't want to return to the same lifestyle I was living before I moved back home.

The good thing is that my personal routine is 100% dependent on me. I'm making little progress here and there. I've been starting off my mornings with stretches more often, and I do try and make sure I shoot for a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night.

But I can do more, and I will. I can get my personal routine in order before the summer, definitely before the winter ends.

One day at a time though. Going into this weekend, I have one goal: finish that draft of my research paper. More on this tomorrow.

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