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Day 6: I Have To Level Up

I just took another look at the prices of rentals in the apartment complex I used to live in.

The cheapest 1-bedroom bedroom is at least $600+ more per month than what I was paying a year ago when I lived in Huntington Beach.

My current day job has only increased by ~$1,000 for the whole year.

I could spend the rest of this blog post describing how screwing up the renter's market is, but that's another post for another time.

I've simply got to work hard and earn more money. No matter how much I (and others) complain about the situation, nothing is being done in government to change things.

I'm on my own here. Fortunately, I'm getting back on track with Founder to Founder as I've released a new Startup Spotlight and Case Study.

I just got to grind on making content every single day. There's something special I want to talk about tomorrow too...

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