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Day 8: I Have Mixed Feelings

So I broke a record today: I wrote ten Forbes stories in one month.

It's the most I've ever done. My previous record was nine.

I wasn't consciously going for this, it was a matter of coincidence with people reaching out all at once for a story.

Don't get me wrong; it's a good feeling to have this small accomplishment. I'll even get paid a bit more extra than I do when I hit my monthly minimum.

But writing these ten stories over this past month has taken away countless, and I mean countless amounts of hours for F2F and my other endeavors.

I feel sad. It's weird to say this because I've decided to continue writing for Forbes, but it's just 100% clear to me that me going above and beyond this month for the founders I wrote for on Forbes isn't worth it.

It sucks. But I'm glad I did. This is honestly the wake-up call I need.

I'm done taking stories for the rest of the year. No more. Everyone else can wait till I'm ready in January 2022. (If they are smart, they'll start building a relationship with me right now like I've stated multiple, multiple times publicly.)

I gotta get sleep, and I gotta keep grinding of F2F. No other option.

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