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Day 84: Scaling Up The Feedback Pipeline

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog post, I have roughly two months worth of content for my free and paid subscribers, respectively.

Now, it's time to scale up the feedback pipeline. I'm not worried about content as I'm doing a pretty solid job of bringing new content in - if anything, I'm worried that I might not be editing content fast enough to avoid having an unmanageable backlog.

(Not to get off track with this blog post, but to address the above concern, I'm editing at least one Startup Spotlight and Case Study, if the latter is available, every day. This way, I stay on top of my backlog.)

The overall feedback program is in its early stages. I've had a limited amount of success getting people to participate by providing feedback. Some of the issues I face are:

  • I can be slow at giving people access upfront to the newsletter.

  • I forget to follow up often with those who I have successfully onboarded.

  • There's still a number of things I can do to smooth out the process from start to finish (including the Startup Spotlight).

Yet, the results have been promising enough despite these issues to continue. My goal is to get 20-25 active people in participating every two weeks when a new Case Study is published.

I'm hoping the majority will be founders, with a few in tech roles (PM/SWE/Ops) at notable startups. The professional diversity in the group will help me get a wide variety of feedback that can help me identify the biggest pain points and scale them as a whole.

I'll be spending the evening putting together content from a new Case Study that has just come in, then fixing each step of the feedback process, and finally drafting a template email to mass email folks tomorrow morning (or later this week).

I want F2F to succeed. I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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