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Day 85: Can't Have Yogurt Before Bed Time

I thought that it would be only soda that would make me wake up in the middle of my sleep.

Turns out yogurt will do the same as well. The previous two nights before this last one, I kept waking up in the middle of the night, wondering why my body was awake. Turns out, the sugar from the yogurt woke my body up from deep sleep.

So last night, I made sure not to have yogurt and voila - I got a full night's sleep. Head doesn't hurt.

How about that? It's weird because I used to eat (a different type) yogurt without this issue back when I was in Cali.

Strange, oh well. Now to keep getting good sleep.

Resting aside, things are looking pretty stable with F2F right now. I am guaranteed to have enough content for the next two months, so right now, I'm working on building out the F2F Case Study feedback program.

I was too tired yesterday to craft a template email, but I'm working on this evening along with a Case Study. The plan is to draft the template outreach email, revise and refine my feedback onboarding process, and then mass email the ~90(!) founders that I've covered in Startup Spotlights starting tomorrow.

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