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Day 86: I've Made My Choice

I'm staying home until Founder to Founder takes off.

The reason why is because I want to give F2F every chance to succeed, as well as maximize my chances for paying off b-school before I get there.

This is going to be a hard path to take for a few, important risks:

  • I'm potentially missing out on some of the best years of my life in California as a single, independent adult with few responsibilities beyond himself.

  • F2F may never get off the ground.

  • HBS is super expensive - I'm aiming to save up ~$250K within two years. I either have to scale F2F super fast or earn more at my current/new job.

It's way more likely that I will either outright fail or come up short in my efforts.

Despite the risks, this is the right choice for me. As I try to scale F2F, it's going to make me into a more disciplined, healthy individual. I'm already doing a great job of working on the newsletter every day after work and continuing from there. And because I work on F2F every day, I've been going to bed earlier to give myself the energy to do some more work the following day.

Even if F2F isn't a financial/professional success, it's already making me a more responsible, healthy, and upright person.

Here goes!

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