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Day 99: Adjusting F2F Content Creation Pace

Good news - I quickly finished my HBS Deferral Request. Kicking the b-school can down the road for one more year!

Glad to have that done. Turning my attention to F2F: I've realized that I've over-indexed on content creation.

You see, my biggest risk is running out of stories to tell on F2F. Stories are to F2F as money is to a startup.

It's the runway that keeps you in the game. You run out of runway, you crash; game over.

The thing is, however, I have roughly two months' worth of stories as of right now for each type of content. And that pile is growing by the day and week, respectively. Thus, I don't need to be spending a ton of time creating content.

I've got to (fix my sleep first) focus on building a strong feedback system. I've figured out the supply, now I need to figure out the demand.

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