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I am doing business school wrong

I’m one month and a half months into business school.

I’m doing it wrong.

Me feeding a donkey. This is what I'm spending my tuition on!

I'm not putting myself first.

Instead, I prioritized my academics, career, and social life in that order.

While those three are in decent shape, I am not.

Every day I come back from classes, professional networking, and social outings, I feel drained. Not in the way like you feel good after like a tough, but thorough workout, but just completely exhausted. Spent.

Socializing here at HBS comes with its own complexities. Regardless, I'm two months into this whole experience.

I know who's on my side and who isn't.

Going forward, I'm going to prioritize those people who rock with me; I've spent too much time lamenting over those who don't.

I have to remember why I'm here, and what I need to accomplish to make HBS worth it for me, not anyone else.

I've been distracted since starting school in August. Not anymore. I'm locked in and focused on my goals from now till I walk the stage with my MBA degree in hand.

My goals are to exercise and write something every single day. Those are key to my happiness and I won't compromise them for anything else going forward.


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