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New Year, New Direction

Started off the New Year in SF last week! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

The holiday break has given me time to think rest, relax, and think about where I want to take the blog in 2019.

I've decided that I'm changing the type of content I blog about from now on. Instead of posts about my time in school, I'm going to focus more on trending news (especially in professions such as tech, entrepreneurship, engineering, and venture capital) and hobbies (soccer, reading, writing, gaming, etc.) I like to indulge in my spare time.

This change in content isn't solely because it's a new year (as the title of this post implies). (I'm not really a believer in the phrase "New Year, New Me" also. I'm more of a new year, better me kind of person.)

I've been thinking about this for a while, mulling it over in my head as 2018 came and went, and have decided now that a change in pace will be better for me and the blog moving forward.

I want what I write here to still be personal (and fun), but my future posts need to reflect maturity and professionalism as I transition from a student into a professional engineer in the next six months.

I haven't decided how frequently I'll post yet, but I hope to establish a rhythm soon.

Things to look out for in the next few blog posts:

  • One or two posts related to my time on the 2019 Silicon Valley Bank Trek last week

  • Re-introducing my idea of NASA having a VC arm as a Thought Experiment series

  • The state of Chelsea F.C. in the Premier League

  • Playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate over the holidays.

Unfortunately, I need to get back to catching up on e-mails and planning out research for the rest of the month. Hopefully I can get to some of these topics this weekend!

Till then,


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