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Six Months In California

Author's Note: This is the first (or one of the first) personal posts I've made since starting my full-time job. I'm figuring out how much personal detail I want to reveal in my blog posts moving forward since now becoming a professional. Some of the following details may be vague, as I err on the side of not sharing too much as I used to in the past.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I've been spoiled by the warm weather for some time since graduating from grad school.

Now, I'm reminded of the cold after arriving back home in Alabama yesterday evening.

Six months have gone by since trading Boston for Huntington Beach.

I'm right where I need to be.

Moving to the West Coast has given me more clarity regarding my personal and professional goals. I know I want to be here (LA) for the long term, and I know what I want to do (a combination of engineering, writing, and filming).

What I had not figured out until now was what I needed to do daily to achieve my goals. I wish I had given myself more time to adjust to working life.

I didn't fully respect the fact I just moved across the country to start a new chapter in my life.

I thought things were more of the same as I was just in between semesters at another summer internship. I tried to hit the ground running with my Forbes writing, instead of taking a moment to breathe, explore, and adjust to my new surroundings.

I'm not afraid to admit that I regret rushing into immediately chasing my goals out here in Southern California after moving from the Northeast. Which is why I plan to start off the New Year at a slower pace. My immediate goal after the break is getting into a comfortable daily routine centered around exercising, writing, and filming.

I'm not interested in feeling stressed out like I was in undergrad and grad school. I want to take time to enjoy life while striving towards my goals.

Fortunately, I've learned that I already have everything I need to succeed.

All I need to do is get a good night's sleep, consistently put in the necessary hard work, and good things will come.

I look forward to 2020. I hope you do too.

Happy Holidays,


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