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So I Recently Turned 25...

I turned 25 about two weeks ago.

There's not too much difference between 24 and 25. I guess 25 stands out because it marks a quarter-century of me living.

Regardless, I'm thankful for another year of life. I'm hoping with another year ahead of me, I can get back to blogging on a daily basis. I need to keep my writing skills sharp since I'm just (more or less) mass-producing professional writing content these days.

I have a lot I want to say. Here's a preview of the list of topics I want to to talk about below (titles not finalized):

  • Achievement vs. Exploration - What would American society look like if its educational system didn't prioritize achievement over every other quality? What would happen if taught kids to explore their interests instead of narrow-mindedly pursue excellence?

  • I don't look forward to the future anymore - Every day feels the same in the midst of this pandemic and America's insane, bullshit, and dystopic response to it. Who needs a bleak future when nostalgia for the past feels so fulfilling?

  • The Road To Halo Infinite - 343 Industries has delayed the next mainline edition to the beloved sci-fi series. Great - more time to play through the Master Chief Collection and relive what makes Halo great in the first place.

  • Shitty Netflix Movie Reviews (Series) - I've had a lot of downtime recently from professional writing recently, so I've been watching more Netflix with my family. Come check out my brief reviews of terrible Netlfix moves I stream.

  • Daily Coding Lessons (Daily Series) - I've been working on learning software engineering and machine learning as a specialty. The goal is trying to share what I've learned every day (this will serve as a forcing function to get me to blog daily again).

That's all for now. Hoping to get started soon!


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