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This Is What I Want My Blog To Become

After following and reading articles from some of my favorite blogs, ranging from personal finance to venture capital, I've realized one thing:

The mark of a great blog (and by extension, blogger) is one that not only provides great content, but also great discussion stemming from their work.

I've noticed that greater writers grow rich and thoughtful communities of individuals around their writing. One of the best examples of this is Mr. Money Mustache's website on personal finance or Fred Wilson's about his work in VC and life in general. If you take a quick gander at their comment sections, they are alive with geniune discussion, as each commenter dissects the threads of thoughts that stem from the post they had just read. From these comments, whole new avenues of thoughts are unearthed in a virtuous cycle. The robust debate is a result of good writing.

This is what I want my blog to become - a hub of rich, thoughtful discussion across a variety of topics. In the short term, I'll probably stick to what I know best in a professional sphere: tech, education, engineering, and venture capital. But I want to expand my content around my passions as well: gaming and working out in particular.

I've become a more thoughtful person because of being surrounded by people at MIT who would make me think deeply about the topics we discussed. I thrived best in that environment where I was challenged intellectually in general conversation, and my goal is to recreate that space on this blog.

In particular, I want to write everyday. Looking at, Fred writes every single day for over a decade! And the really cool thing is that his posts aren't generally that long (like this one). They are concise and compelling, which is evidence of a great writer.

So that's what I'm going to do. I hope that if I stick to this, the blog won't be just a reflection of my intentions of this post, but it will be a record of who I want to become as well.


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