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Thoughts On The Halo Infinite Trailer, "Discover Hope"

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

The latest edition to the Halo series is called Halo Infinite. Taking place sometime after Halo 5, the story refocuses back on the Master Chief.

The short trailer gives us a tantalizing peek at the game, you should definitely watch it for yourself.

Here are my thoughts on the trailer:

  • Good: It's great seeing Chief in his classic-styled armor. 343 Industries took a step in the right direction by giving the fans what they want when it comes to the game's art style.

  • Great: I really loved how the beginning of the trailer wasn't focused on Chief, but a pilot who's identity isn't fully revealed to us. All we know he's stuck upon a derelict ship in the middle of space, and he has a reason to continue surviving: he has a family to make it back to. Even though Halo's conflicts are on a galactic scale, the trailer starting off with the pilot's own challenges to survive remind us of the human struggle at the center of this space drama.

  • Worrisome: There is a growing part of me that the change back to a classic art style is an overcorrection from 343 in response to the fan backlash surrounding Halo 5. Let me state the issue clearly: the issue wasn't with Halo 5's art style, it was with the story. The story wasn't told well, and did not adequately address the plot threads from Halo 4 (not to mention the in-game story had nothing to do with the marketing!). Halo's main plot was not meaningfully advanced from 4 to 5. Therefore, 343's appeasement of the fans to bring back the classic art style on its own doesn't address the plot-related issues with the franchise.

I could go into more detail, but I'll leave it here for now. Check out this cool fan-made trailer below! I've watched it too many times since it's really well-made!

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