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Fun Fact: I actually did stress analysis on this plane as an intern :)

As I write this blog post from 38,000 feet in the air, I reflect on the past month.

It's been a little bit over a month since I finished up my Master's degree. The life transition from researcher to professional engineer hasn't been as straightforward as expected.

I thought that having lived here in Huntington Beach last summer, getting logically set up (car, apartment, etc.) would be incredibly straightforward. In some ways it has been, in other ways, it hasn't.

A month in, my place isn't fully furnished (although I'm much closer to that being done with the help of my older brother). Work is going well, I have a nice routine going (get in early, work hard, leave early, go to the gym, then go home and work on my passions).

But unlike this flight I'm currently on, things are progressing in a steady-state manner. I just have a deep, unsettling feeling like I'm not moving fast enough towards my goals outside of my job. I was hoping I would be making content (videos, blog posts) on the daily now. Vlogs are a bit more consistent, while blog posts are days or weeks till the next one. (With Forbes, I was hoping I would have been writing during my flight, but instead I decided to watch Avengers: Endgame. It was ok, not sure if it was worth my time though.)

Right now, I'm focused on getting quickly settled into my AirBnB in Melbourne, and giving my first of two presentations a couple hours after at ICCM.

I'm hoping once that's over, I can get some breathing room to figure out how to move faster towards my goals. I haven't done the best job of prioritizing what matters while being in California.

A months gone already. I'm hoping in another month I'll have a lot more to share with you all, as I get back to the daily content creating.

And now, back to sleep at 38,000 ft.

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