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Hey everyone!


My name is Frederick Daso, but on here I go by Soda (I'll leave you to figure out how I arrived at that name). Originally, I've been trained to become an engineer, but my passions for writing, social media, and programming have grown over time. I've been thinking about what kind of traditional career path I can pursue that combines all of these interests...


I've come to the conclusion that career doesn't exist yet.


So I'm creating it myself. In terms of a career, my goal is to build out a venture capital arm within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). 


Why Venture Capital? Why in NASA? Scroll a little further to find out.


For now, welcome to my website, and I'm happy and grateful you all decided to stop by and see where my journey takes me.


See you in the stars,



Why Venture Capital? Why NASA

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