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What Is Founder to Founder?

You know, it's funny: after four years of working on the newsletter, I've never formally launched or announced it on this blog!

So here it is. Better late than never, right?

Founder to Founder (F2F)'s origin story is pretty simple. I started the newsletter in my last year of graduate school at MIT (2019) while I was still writing for Forbes.

I was getting so much inbound from founders wanting me to cover them on Forbes at the time, yet I couldn't say yes to everyone. I wanted to cover as many interesting and compelling founders as I could, while still keeping a high bar of coverage.

So I started F2F as a way of helping founders get additional press when I didn't have the bandwidth to cover them on Forbes. In addition, I had been learning so much from the founders I have been covering for Forbes, that I wanted to have a space for them to also talk about things other than fundraising announcements.

Another key thing that F2F allowed me to do was track how founders and their startups grew over time. I wasn't able to do that in a structured, intentional manner at Forbes, but I could with F2F.

Simply, F2F is about putting the spotlight on founders building cool stuff and giving them a platform to share advice about their entrepreneurial journey over time.

It's been a fun passion project of mine. At one point, I was able to monetize it and make a little money from subscriptions!

Unfortunately, F2F has always been a side project - work, school, or life in general would always get in the way.

Not anymore. I'm getting ready to produce some new content and make it my priority while I'm here in Boston.

The goal will be to share what I'm working on with the newsletter every other week. It's a way to hold myself accountable for working on the newsletter. It'll be a brief update consisting of what I accomplished and what I am tackling next.

Thanks for reading!


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